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Blue Fountain Media Uk was formed in a house with two friends, in a leafy village in Kent called Wilmington in 2013. We have grown our Web Design business in the past five years since we started. Now we have a few members in our team spanning quite a few cities.

We have bases for our Web Design in London, Ireland, Manchester, Oxford Surrey, Liverpool and Wales where all our teams are located. We do not work from big offices as we have only a handful of recruits at each site we have. 

Blue Fountain Media Uk aims to produce effective websites, it is not always about how cheap things are. We offer a bespoke service that is second to none, constructing your website from scratch. We can provide websites through popular templates and also complete bespoke sites through popular Content Management Systems.

Websites are a standalone promotion, there is no salesman to sell your products or services. Your website has to speak volumes, be informative, and enthral the customer as soon as they click to view it. Small businesses generally promote a website of between 1-5 pages, incorporating images, contact pages etc.

The bigger your company is, the more in-depth your website will need to be. There are unlimited tools that can be incorporated within your site, it is all dependent on your requirements and of course, your budget.

Ask yourself, what you would like the web design of your business website to look like. What type of clientele are you are appealing to? Have your logo designed, then decide on a domain name.

You can enlist the help of one of our dedicated team, to help you. Once you have these basic tools in place, we can then brainstorm and decide on templates, images and most importantly content for your site.

Graphic DesignGraphic Design

 To ensure success for your website, your graphics and company logo/brand needs to be innovative. It needs to go towards telling people, who you are and what you represent. Your website should contain, everything that a prospective customer needs to complete a transaction with your company. This is from marketing to e-commerce, to the final communication.

 Each page that we create will need to contain a minimum, of 300 words. It should incorporate an image or two depending on the topic. We can also incorporate site maps, shopping carts, and social media links. The options are endless, which is why at Blue Fountain Media Uk we like to have an initial consultation, to get a feel for your business and to best understand your requirements for the website, so we can meet with all your expectations 100%.

Social media in today’s world plays a huge part in marketing your brand, website, emails, blogs and podcasts are a great way to promote, your product or service. We have professional content writers on hand to create, high quality content. High quality content is a necessity for your website, when it comes to securing new business leads.


Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization


At Blue Fountain Media Uk we do not just construct your website, it needs much more than just to be visually appealing. We look to create a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, that will drive traffic to your business website and convert visitors into potential sales.

There is no specific timescale to building your business website, it is dependent on many factors.  Blue Fountain Media Uk will schedule, intermittent times to liaise with you to discuss the progress of your site. We will also ensure that you are happy at all times, throughout the process.

We have produced many web design projects covering different business sectors. We are constantly developing our portfolio, which goes towards showing potential clients how committed we are to providing excellent service, each and every time.

We have an experienced design team on hand should you require help with your Branding, Graphics, Logos and image galleries.

About UsWebsite Design


All of our websites are built from the bottom up and we aim to give 100% effort into building your site. We hope that the website design we provide will most effectively reflect your business. Please contact one of your dedicated team for further information on any of our products and services or just for an informal chat to discuss your requirements.

Please note that your website needs to have a presence. We at Blue Fountain Media Uk are here, to assist you in the entire process to make that positive progression happen.