Black Hat / White Hat

Overall 70% of purchases online begin through a search engine. Some developers use Black Hat Seo but most will generally use White Hat Seo. White Hat Seo is safe, reputable and will never harm your website. Black Hat Seo is what’s called in the industry, a short tem fix. This is because it’s more or less cheating, as it’s only used to gain a short term advantage on your competitors. The issue here is it could eventually affect your website in a negative way, which will definitely affect the ranking status of your website. 

Black Hat SeoBlue Fountain Media Uk promote organic online marketing, driving traffic through to your website, accordingly using the following methods:-


Search Engine Optimization

Submission of your site to directories

Traffic analysis

Social networking

Submission of analytics

Research of keywords and phrases

Using our Blue Fountain Media strategy we will:-

Compile text rich content for your business website

Optimize the use of images and galleries

Structure a simple directory

Import Sitemaps

Build your Social Media Campaign

Build your website for ease of navigation

Compile easy to understand text

Attract visitors to your website by allowing Blue Fountain Media to structure your website and manage your SEO campaign. Allow us to turn visiting traffic to your website to potential profit.


Black Hat SEO

As with many things in life, there are always good legitimate methods and also the cloak and daggerBlack Hat Seo Techniques methods. In relation to SEO, the good and bad methods are known as Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques.

At Blue Fountain Media Uk we would strongly advise that, you do not allow a company to perform Black Hat Seo methods to construct your SEO campaign.

We think that this Black Hat Seo method will only have a short term effect on your business website, which doesn’t outweigh the positives of White Hat Seo. This could however prove disastrous in the long term effect of your business website.

Black Hat methods will no doubt compromise your business website and in turn hurt your business. Have a look through the following information and conclude for yourself if the SEO expert that you are using is potentially damaging your business.


Hidden Content

This is content that is not visible to the user of the website. The use of comment tags and no script tags to ensure hidden content is one of the primary Black Hat Seo techniques. The use of coloured text on coloured background and also tiny text is another form of hiding content.

All Black Hat Seo techniques are shunned by search engines, should they detect the use of these methods within your business website. Your business website will be penalised or could even run the risk of having your website removed altogether, from Google’s search engine.


Cheating SeoExcessive Meta Description

A Meta description should contain detailed descriptions on the content of your business website. Meta descriptions should be no longer than one or two sentences.

Filling your Meta description with excessive information can flag your business website up to search engines as promoting spam.



Meta Keywords

Keywords are a brief list of useful and relevant words that alert a search engine to your business website. Excessive use of keywords on each page of your business website can be seen by the search engines as, promoting spam and this is another form of Black Hat Seo.


Gateway Pages

Fake pages that are crammed with content, based on one or two main keywords that link back to landing pages is another form of Black Hat Seo. These methods are used by some SEO companies that are new to the business. 

Some are just in it to basically take your money as quickly as possible for putting in as little effort in, these companies will recommend using Gateway Pages. This is not good for your business website and can again lead to your website potentially being, removed from the search engines.


Link Farming

Link Farming is prohibited by search engines, it will not provide anything positive for your business website. They are a list of completely unrelated business websites, that will not generate visitors to your site and if detected by search engines, can again lead to your website being removed.

Link farming is a popular Black Hat Seo method, that is widely used by overseas companies. This is basically a quick fix to Search Engine Optimization, that doesn’t really work in the long term.

Blue Fountain Media will not use any form of Black Hat Seo techniques, when optimising your business website. Your business can rest assured in the knowledge that your business website is being optimised, to its full potential the natural way (Organic Seo) for the long term benefits and not short term gain.