Business Website

Business Website Designer A Business Website should be wary of Black Hat Related Seo. SEO scams have had an adverse effect on online businesses, for well over a decade. Smaller online businesses as well as larger corporations are affected, and no business is exempt. The most Seo Scamseffective way to protect your website against this is to brush up on your SEO skills. Always use a reputable company to help you with your Website Design.


Reputable Seo Companies

Reputable SEO companies will not spam your email with offers of promoting your business website. They may however, offer their own website for your viewing. Scammers have a limited amount of information, have no contact details other than a Hotmail or Gmail email address. Their only aim is to take your money and run, that’s where due diligence is required before parting with funds.


Page Ranking

Website Page Ranking Page Rankings can only be achieved by hard work and dedication. SEO scamming companies offer you the earth and promise to have it all in place overnight, but this is just not possible. Blue Fountain Media Uk will deliver what we promise and within the timescales that you agree upon, when entering the contract.

A reputable company will have an established website of their own. They will be able to provide you with a portfolio of work and offer you advice on the services that they offer. At Blue Fountain Media Uk we will remain in constant contact, giving you progress reports on your business website, at agreed intervals.


Black Hat Seo

Black Hat Seo Black Hat Seo is a term for bad SEO practices.  They are known in the website industry as Seo Scams. Black Hat SEO will offer fast results for your business website which isSeo Scammers good (you’re thinking), and however, it can have catastrophic effects on your business website and your business.

Black Hat Seo Scams use techniques that are not accepted by Google or other major search engines. Should it become apparent that your business website promotes black hat techniques, it can be removed from the major search engines, whereby all of your hard work and money will gain no advantage on the internet.


White Hat Techniques

White Hat Seo Here at Blue Fountain Media UK we promote White Hat SEO techniques for your business website. We promise to promote your website and to build your website rankings with Organic Seo. Organic Seo is a lengthy process, but this will prove to be fruitful for your business website as time goes by. We use recognised methods to build your SEO, Keyword Research, Quality Backlinks, Meta tags and page headers, ensuring your business website has the best possible SEO campaign.


Domain Name

Website Domain Names Selecting a good domain name that is key to your business website is imperative. It is a brand name aimed at promoting your business website. Relevant keywords are words that internet users search for when surfing the web for your product/service. An seo related domain name will ensure better visibility for yourBusiness Website business website.

Updating your business website regularly, posting blogs, photographs and promoting social media links, will all go towards building your business website rankings. Blue Fountain Media Uk have a team of experts who can assist you all the way and ensure that you are getting the best possible service available.


Webmaster Tools

Website Design CMS Webmaster tools are another source to be utilised to show what Google is seeing when crawling your business website.Webmaster Tools Keyword Spy can also be used to provide an insight into what keywords, rival businesses are using to promote their SEO.

Building Backlinks is vital to building website rankings, links encourage traffic to your business website. Linking back to old blogs on your website and new relevant content through social media sites benefit your website.



FlashFlash Website Design It is not advisable to use Flash on your website. Flash cannot be read by various mobile devices and search engines cannot extract information from sites using flash. It is vital to remember that SEO is a work in progress. It takes time and dedication to your website, to gradually increase your website ranking.

Business Website Design By reading this guide, you should have a basic understanding of the SEO process. What to avoid and what to look for, when choosing the correct SEO company for your site. Hopefully you will consider Blue Fountain Media Uk for all of your business website needs. If there is any information that you need clarification on, we are here to help you explain the pro’s and con’s of Seo.