Website Design Management CMS as it’s known, is a Content Management System. It handles the way the content (Audio, Images, Text, Video’s) of your business website is managed. Blue Fountain Media Uk only work with WordPress and Joomla. There are different types of Content Management systems (CMS).They allContent Management System have their own pro’s and con’s, but we only use these two of the most popular in the industry.

The best feature of the Content Management Systems is that,they are easy to use. They are popular for their use of web based editing, publishing and easy multimedia interaction.


Joomla Vs WordPress

Wordpress Websites WordPress is in our opinion the most popular type of Blogging platform. WordPress is used by millions of different types of websites. The main difference between the CMS’s is the functionality. Joomla is also very popular, but the functionality is not as easy to use and manage as WordPress. Joomla users tend to have more complex websites and the layout is not as simple, as using WordPress themes.

The best thing about CMS is that, even someone with limited knowledge of website design, can maintain the areas of content on your business website easily. Blue Fountain Media Uk will allow you to set staff members, different levels of access within your business website.

The website administrator will be the person with the most authority, for your Content Management System (CMS). They will have to approve any amendments, before pages are published on your business website.

The Main Focus for CMS

  • Creation of Content
  • Easy Editing Process
  • Publishing of content and data on the website
  • The control of Search Engine Optimization
  • The Management and Oversight of regular updates including Version Control
  • Removal of errors

Security Plugins

Website Security With any Content Management System (CMS), they all need regular maintenance. This is based on the functionality and security. By keeping security plugins up to date, it helps for free flowing functionality on your business website. A  good customer experience on a website is controlled, by the technical aspect of the way web designers configure these security plugins.

Content Management SystemBoth Joomla and WordPress support regular online updates. This makes it easier to avoid the pitfalls of, viruses and database hacks. Many security updates require regular administration, to stave off the threat these viruses pose.



Website Design In regards to Seo, we would suggest using WordPress instead of Joomla. Wordpress is excellent for creativity, as it’s used by plenty of small businesses. WordPress is also used a blogging platform by popular magazines, large universities and  website directories. WordPress is also very popular, as it’s available in over eighty Languages.

WordPress has plenty of plugins, that provide advanced functionality in Seo. Most WordPress websites are cheaper to build than Joomla Websites. This is because Joomla plugins can be much more costly when, trying to achieve the same functionality results as WordPress.


CMS Tutorials

CMS WordPress has plenty of step by step tutorials online, unlike Joomla which is not as popular. Most online video tutorials about CMS, are usually based on Wordpress. It seems to be the most popular Content Management System, on the market today. We believe that most business website owners, will like to use a CMS option. That’s why we produce business websites, in both content management systems.