CPC – Cost Per Click

With CPC, there are many ways to advertise your product / service on the internet at affordable rates through Blue Fountain Media Uk.

  • Cost Per Click – CPC
  • Cost Per Acquisition – CPA
  • Cost Per View – CPV
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click – ECPC

Cost Per Click – CPC is a way of following customers who are likely to transact on your business website. CPA focuses on conversions not just clicks.  There are a multitude of settings, allowing you to monitor and track your bids.  Setting up your conversion optimizers gives you control over, how much you wish to pay for each conversion.



Cost Per View – CPV allows you control over paying each time a potential customer watches your video.

CPM You can set time frames by which you only pay once a potential customer, has viewed your video. This is for a certain length of time, should they drop off before this set limit, there is no charge.

Click Through Traffic Your video ads are scored accordingly. It is ranked on relevance and performance factors.  Once your advert is ranked, it is multiplied by your CPV bid in order to give your business an “Ad Rank”.  The highest Ad Rank is given priority placement in search  engine results.


Cost Per Click – On a CPC basis, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. This shows they have  potential, to transact business on your website.  Your Ad is not charged on the amount of people that it actually reaches. However your Ad is charged on how many actually follow through and clicks to your business website.

PPC Once again as with CPV, your Ad is ranked and scored and this “Ad Rank” determines where you will appear on Google search results. Pay Per ClickThere are many settings that can be adjusted according to your requirements. This also helps in setting your bids to differ for particular keywords.  

CPA If you know what target keywords are more frequently used, you can set a higher CPC level, which is great for Seo. Blue Fountain Media UK can help you to determine relevant Keywords and allocate maximum CPC levels for each one.

Pay Per Click Campaign All bids can be monitored and adjusted according to their performance. This is to ensure you are getting the most from your advertising. It is possible to incorporate Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC), into your Adwords.  This function automatically looks for Ad Auctions, where you are more likely to secure a sale. In-turn it increases your CPC bid according to your pre-set instructions.

Keyword Research Cost Per Acquisition. CPA is the best way to purchase online advertising.  This may also be referred to as Pay Per Lead (PPL), or Cost Per Lead )CPL). Blue fountain Media will liaise with you to decide on an action plan. We’d like to ascertain what your requirements are from your Ad Campaign. We’d also look to find out your budget you have available, so we can put things into place.

Contact us for a more informal chat on CPC and see what we can do to help your business online today.