Customer Acquisition

Customer AcquisitionCustomer Acquisition is all about aquiring and retaining business links which are two very different things. It is very easy to acquire regular business interest, but it takes hard work and commitment to turn this interest, into solid working relationships with your customers.

Social Media plays a huge factor in customer acquisition and rebuilding new business links. Creating a versatile and dynamic Social Media profile is a must, in digital marketing today.

Blue fountain Media UK will liaise with you to devise a customer profile. This way we can focus on whether your company would benefit from a more traditional marketing approach, or a digital marketing strategy. Exposing your business website with a view to obtaining likes and followers will build your marketing profile.

Social Media

Keep your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts updated with fresh new content. Make sure that the material is relevant to your business sector. Using good digital images to support your content will also help to boost your following. Once you have acquired the followers, the hard work of turning these interested parties into a Customer Acquisition.

Good ways to retain your customers is to offer some incentives, obtaining feedback of your services is essential, it helps you to ascertain where your business requires additional attention. Using suggestion boxes and short online surveys gives your customers the ability to give their true perception of your services. It is a necessity to build on this feedback to ensure, that you retain your customer following.

Blue Fountain Media UK will help you to devise loyalty programmes to incorporate into your business website, offering discounts and special offer. These type of deals will entice new and existing customers to choose your company over and above your nearest competitors.Google Ranking

Retaining Customers

Giving your business links 100% customer service will always guarantee their return custom. Your business will find that achieving good customer feedback is a priority.

Building good ratings for your company and services that you provide, will ensure a reliable return customer acquisition past and present. Having a solid rating will also entice potential new business links.

Blue Fountain Media UK will aide you 100% in achieving a good following. We will build on your social media profile and design incentive programmes for you to introduce into your business. This is all with a view to you not just acquiring your customers, but also retaining them which is what we all strive for in business.