Digital Marketing

Website Design Marketing At Blue Fountain Media UK we can help your business in producing a, Digital Marketing Strategy.  It is imperative to get this right from the outset. This will ensure that we are marketing your business website, to fulfill its potential and visibility online.

Digital MarketingWebsite Marketing It is better to adopt a written plan, outline what it is that your business expects to achieve from our, Digital Marketing Programme. Your business will need to have a goal, so we can reach the targets for your business.

This will ensure that every individual working on your marketing strategy, is on the same page. They know their end goal, what your business is aiming for in the long term.



All Digital Marketing tools require on-going maintenance. We have to ensure that this is incorporated into your Search Engine Optimization package to achieve the best results.  In doing this, Blue Fountain Media Uk will ensure that your website continues to thrive, keeping you ahead of your competition at all times.

Search Engine Optimization A solid strategy will enable you to monitor all aspects of your plan, to regularly assess what areas require additional works. We will be able to see what areas are thriving within your business and bring additional traffic to your business website. Blue Fountain Media UK will work with you and your business to outline your goals and targets. This will ensure that your business is as successful online, as much as possible within your chosen market.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is made up of many individual factors:-

  • Brief educational videos
  • Clear visual photography
  • Pinpointing target audiences
  • Mobile friendly programmes
  • Tables and pictograms
  • KPI’s

Internet MarketingKey Performance Indicators are used to assess your websites performance, pegged against your initial objectives.  

Blue Fountain Media UK will endeavour to adopt your strategy to incorporate KPI’s to measure your business objectives against your specific goals.


Social Media

Social Media Marketing The main areas to target when building your Digital Marketing Strategy are Social Media, Email, Digital Advertising, Mobile Internet, Radio & TV Advertising, Podcasts, and many more, the list is endless.  These are all powerful tools used by us at Blue Fountain Media UK, to guarantee your business success on the web.


Digital Marketing Consultation

Digital Marketing Consultation After an initial Digital Marketing consultation, we will spend time with you one to one or Via Skype. We can put a plan together, which can be enhanced on regularly, until you are confident that we have covered everything you require to ensure that your business website will thrive. We will keep in regular contact at all times, ensuring that you our customer are 100% happy at all times throughout the Digital Marketing process.