Domain Names

Good Domain Names One of the first steps in creating a website is to purchase a suitable Domain Name. This can be referred to as an Website address or URL. Domain Names are how potential customers will, search for and find your Business Website.

DomainsHere at Blue Fountain Media, we can assist you in finding the right Domain Name, for your Business Website. It is essential to shop around through different Websites, when looking for potential Domain Names. There are many different companies that will offer you the same domain names, but at substantially different costs. 

Spending a small amount on a particular Domain Name each year, increases the chances of a successful Business Website. This Website will always be promoted through the internet, reaching a worldwide audience.

Good Domain Names

Domain Name Checker Blue Fountain Media Uk can advise you, when picking suitable name for your Business Website. It is our recommendation that you should always look for a keyword name, as it helps others find your type of business easier, in search results. Choosing good Domain Names isn’t like finding a needle in a haystack, but the right one will serve your business better.

If you do not have a good Domain name, there are many downfalls to online business. The first is you’ll have to spend money than your competitors, on advertising to be found online. A memorable Domain name is always short and appealing to it’s consumers. As the web expands on an hourly basis, it’s good to have the right structure in place. We advise against long worded Domain Names, keep it short and simple. This gives your clients a better chance, of remembering your website address.Domain Names

Domain Checker If you have already purchased a name, then Blue Fountain Media Uk can help you to transfer it. This can be transferred to our alternative hosting account, that we manage. There are many web hosting companies that can charge you extreme amounts to host your domain name. We can offer an affordable solution to keep your domain, hosting and SEO all under one roof. We will also provide your business with, professional customer services throughout this process.

Domain Names can be purchased in multiples, for example you can have, or .com or .net. These suffixes can be all be purchased for your Business Website, along with other popular names. This is to ensure that when people are searching the internet for your Business Website, that you have covered all url’s in relation to your Business Website.

Domain RankingDomain Search You must ensure that once you have registered your Domain Names, that you renew the registration for the Domain Name annually. Should you fail to do this, your domain name then becomes available for anybody to purchase, usually 60 days after the expiry date.  

At Blue Fountain Media Uk, we can ensure that your Domain Name is protected. We are able to offer continual registration of your chosen domain name, as part of our hosting package. We have staff on hand 7 days a week to assist you, in building and nurturing your website. This will help you and guide you through to making informative choices. This is to ensure that your Website Business, is a complete success.