E-commerce SitesE-commerce websites for your business are offered, by Blue Fountain Media Uk with professional results. We aim to have a list of categories with sub sections, outlining all of your products and services. We would also incorporate a shopping basket facility, with a payment options. This is achieved through a E-Commerceresponsive Website Design, for your E-commerce business website.

E-commerce ProductsThe E-commerce business website is built with a view, for our client being able to upload, new and exciting products. Our Client is also able to remove discontinued lines, add new images, view and amend orders and much more.

Website Design for E-commerceWe can build in an auto generate email facility, this is to ensure that customers receive order confirmations and invoices. Each area will be password protected to ensure data protection and contain an ssl secure checkout facility. There are a multitude of tools available; it is all dependent on your requirements for your business and your budget.

When building an E-commerce business website, as with any site, it is only a shop front. Look at it as a sales platform for your business products and services. You need to ensure good sized pictures and good quality images, are used.


Ecommerce Services

E-commerce Web DesignAlso be confident that your product description is as detailed as possible. This incorporatingEcommerce sizes and colours if they should they be relevant. Should your product not grab the attention of the client, chances are they will not stay on your business website. This will lead to a potential customer, searching an alternative competitor’s website for their products of interest.

E-commerce MarketingAn E-commerce business website takes time to construct. Bear in mind that Amazon once started out as a small E-commerce store and are now one of the leading market competitors. If you are looking for a professional business web designer, who can assist in building your bespoke E-commerce website, then Blue Fountain Media UK are here to support you all the way.

E-commerce BusinessThere are 100’s of themes at source, to serve as the basis for your business website. There are also numerous tools available to incorporate into the business website. This includes secure checkout options, basket quantities and many more to name but a few.

E-Commerce WebsitesBlue Fountain Media UK has experienced staff on hand to guide you in your choices. We are also here to ensure that your business website, is all you wanted and more. All good things take time to nurture, this applies to your E-commerce business website too.


Ecommerce Checklist

Ecommerce Checklist

  1. At Blue Fountain Media Uk we believe that shopping should be fast, easy and exciting, which will generate instant sales and also repeat business.
  2. We will always make sure that any E-commerce website that we produce is cross-browser tested, to ensure that users have a great experience viewing the business website on any browser.
  3. We will ensure that the website runs quickly and efficiently by using some clever caching where required. Only Since 2010 Google have been integrating site speed, as a way of ranking websites with their algorithm.
  4. The checkout button will be made large and in a good location, easily visible to aid the purchase from the website.
  5. We always include a search box that is prominent, so your customers can view all your product listings with predictive search or a suggestive search criteria.
  6. By showing contact information in a clear area on the website, it allays the fears of online customers and reduces any concerns they may have.
  7. One of the greatest ways for your customers to interact with your E-commerce Website is to be able to share information. We always make sure that each page has share icons that customers can share, with friends and family. We also recommend using Facebook and Twitter as a good social media tool to share products and services through E-commerce websites.
  8. Clear return and exchanges policies should be shown, which we would usually show in the footer at the bottom of the page. Customers need to know they can trust you and that’s what we believe is the easiest way to allay any concerns they may have, in using your E-commerce website to shop with you.
  9. Each E-commerce Website should have a Newsletter for customers to subscribe to offer deals