Email Marketing

Creating an email marketing campaign requires innovation, an eye for detail and the ability to capture the attention of the recipient. Blue Fountain Media UK will incorporate bright colours, bold print, images and video media to construct your email campaign giving the viewer plenty to analyse when they open it.

Email MarketingCreating an Email Marketing campaign on your behalf and helping you to choose from a wide range of templates, will ensure that your finished product is developed to your exact specification.

Our experienced staff will incorporate your brand logo, keep your text concise to the chosen topic and use brightly coloured text. This is to highlight the most important information with a view to captivating your viewers.

Once the basis of your Email Marketing campaign has been created, a list of your email contacts based on your target audience can be imported into the file.  Your recipient list can be amended, and updated at any stage to ensure that your project reaches as many customers as possible.

Before submitting your Email Marketing campaign to the world, it is imperative that you send a test email. See for yourself what it is that you are presenting to your potential client base.  It is easy to make small amendments to your project before the final submission, to ensure that you are getting it right the first time round.

It is essential for your business website that you monitor the progress of your email campaign. You will see how many people that your email delivered to, how many actually opened the file and how many that were undelivered.Email Marketing Campaigns  There are so many variables involved in your email campaign being a success.


Email Marketing Campaign

Tracking the progress of the email campaign gives you the ability to broaden your results and open up to a wider audience.

It is important to remember that it will not always be perfect the first time round but we will eventually make it right for your business as time goes on.

For a successful Email Campaign, modifying your campaign, improving on your subject header or building on your landing page will all go towards increasing the audience that you reach.  

These changes however, should be adopted one at a time to measure the difference in the results.  This will give a clearer indication of the effect your changes are having, on your email campaign. Blue fountain Media UK can help you to integrate your email campaign with your social media. This can be effective in meeting your Email Marketing goals.

Adding an email opt-in facility to your Facebook page or a share link function to your social media accounts will allow people to share your content to a wider audience. Email Marketing is a massive facility and utilised in the right way with the help of Blue Fountain Media UK, it can prove fruitful in achieving your goals on your business website.