Frequently Asked Questions – Web Design

Choosing your Web Designer

Website Design Questions We have a wealth of experience first and foremost. Also, choose a us as we have a portfolio of sites for you to view upon request. A professionally designed business website, hosted by an experienced web designer is imperative. 

A unique Domain Name and the assurance that your business website is optimized to its full potential, are all the main factors to take into account when choosing your web designer.

How long will it take to design my website?

Website Design FAQ FAQ that customers mostly want the answer to. We will strive to meet any deadlines, set out at the start of the contract. We endeavour to keep you up to date of all our progress, throughout the designing process. This ensures that our clients are happy at all times, with the process and design.

Am I restricted to Blue Fountains Media Uk to host my account?

No is the answer to this FAQ. You are free to transfer your Domain Name at any time, to an alternative hosting company. A copy of your backup file will be provided for you, should you decide to transfer to a different host.

What are the costs involved in Web Design?

We will tailor a quote specific to your requirements, there will be no hidden costs, everything will be agreed upon prior to commencement of the project. We do have some set prices, however, bespoke sites will usually cost more. We currently do not provide a monthly service charge for our services.

Do you provide Hosting Services?

We provide a tailored made package, from Domain Names to SEO maintenance. We hope to provide your one-stop shop for all of your website designing needs.

Does my website come with an Email Address?

We will provide an email address if you require one. This will be incorporated within the cost of, your web design package.


Do I need to purchase any additional software for my Website?

The answer is a definitive no. We use a Content Management System (CMS). There are no requirements for any additional software to be used by us.

Website Ownership?

This FAQ is a very important one asked on a daily basis from business owners. Your business website is wholly owned by you. Blue Fountain Media have no rights to the website beyond, creating, redesigning or maintaining it on your behalf .

As long as the original content is provided by you, or your company, you will have full ownership.

Contact Information

Website FAQ'S Is it advisable to order a website from a company that only has, email support for contact information? The answer to this is no. There can be so much frustration when you cannot actually, air your views directly to a human being.

Although we are busy, we try and make sure that one of our customer services advisors will answer your call.

Is Domain Name purchasing simple?

Yes is the answer to this FAQ. Either the domain can be purchased by you or we are happy to buy the domain on your behalf. This will be for however many years you require, at our reasonable rates.

We hope that we have answered many of your FAQ’s here. If there are some FAQ’s that are not answered here, the likelihood is that they have been answered on specific pages, that you have browsed on our website. Other FAQ’s can be found in our Blue Fountain Media Terms and Conditions page.

Website FAQ
Do you provide after sales support?

We offer a full maintenance package. This includes after-sales support for your business website should any issues arise.

Can I manage the website myself?

Yes. Once your design has been completed you will be able to access the backend of the website and make your own changes.

When do I make payment?

Frequently Asked Website Questions For this FAQ, Website Design payment is made in two stages. We require 50% upfront and the balance is to be paid on completion. For bespoke websites, we accept three equal payments by completion.

For any Seo campaigns or Marketing campaigns, monthly payments are paid in advance. This is our payment requirement to start your campaign.

Please note that we require a notice period of thirty days to cancel any campaigns, that we have scheduled for your business website.

Can Blue Fountain Media Help me maintain my website?

Yes, we can help you manage your website.