Google Adwords

Google Adwords Campaign Researching keywords is the key to, writing a successful Google Adwords campaign.  Your text content needs to appeal to surfers. This is to entice them to click on your advert.  Once they land on your business website, your business is halfway to securing a transaction.

Google AdwordsIt is important to make sure that your Advert and your landing page, are content relevant. This helps towards achieving a reasonable cost per click lead and improves your ROI ( Return On Investment).  Your Google ranking is measured on good quality and content rich text.

Return On Investment Set yourself a sensible budget for your CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad and build on this gradually. The higher quality score that you achieve from Google Adwords, will reflect on how far your budget will stretch. 

Blue Fountain Media UK will help your business to build your ad text. This will be by selecting the most principle keywords for your website.  You are restricted to 130 characters when structuring your Google Adwords, so you need to be precise, in what you are trying to project to your searcher.

Cost Per Click Keep your description brief and concise, using punctuation where necessary. Remember if the text makes sense, it will portray that way to your target audience.  Promoting your brand is what your ad text is geared towards.  Consider your product, then consider what audience your business is targeting and structure your ad text around this.

Google KeywordsBlue Fountain Media UK will apply the “SWOT” method. This is with a view to helping you construct the text for your Ad. “SWOT” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).  Understanding your SWOT will help you to build an Ad campaign, that will rival your competitors.

Essential Keywords To ensure that your ad stands out, you have to have a title that is going to stand out. This will help to captivate your prospective audience.  There are thousands of Ad’s online for different types of businesses. Your advert has to be interesting and intrigue the viewer. This is all the while keeping Ad relevant to your product / service.

Using terms that promote your intentions to the viewer are vital, for the success of your Google Adwords. If it’s a sale that you are targeting, use text such as “Buy Today” or “Shop Here”. Stick to the point, this will ensure that you only attract serious customers and not just those browsing, with no intention to buy.


Google Adwords Campaign

Popular Keywords Once your Google Adwords Campaign is ready to publish on the internet, you are provided with several options.  To determine how your Ad is going to be run. The frequency of your Ad and the timing of rotation of the Ad are all factors that, need to be considered.  

You need to set a budget for your Google Adwords campaign and set the Ad to rotateAdwords Campaign frequently. This allows you to monitor the performance rate of your Ad, so that you can adjust it accordingly. The more popularity your Ad gains, the better it is for your business as this will reflect on your actual revenue.

Quality Keywords It is imperative that you closely monitor your Ad once complete. You can set an initial £50 budget with Google Adwords. Whilst you have sufficient credit, your ad will continue to run.  

You can set and adjust daily budgets and costs per click at any time, to ensure that you are getting the best possible performance from your Adwords campaign. Your position in the search engine results is determined by the quality of your keywords.

Google Analytics Constant adjustments and optimization of your site’s keywords has an impact on your score, each time it’s crawled by the search engines. There are many tools available within Google Analytics, this will allow us to monitor your campaign.  Judging the proficiency of your keywords and assessing the success of your Google Adwords, will give you a good idea of your “ROI” (Return on Investment).