Link Building

Online Marketing Link Building plays a very large part in the process, of driving more search engine traffic to your website. Here at Blue Fountain Media, we specialize in the long term success, of maintaining a healthy website. Our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization for your company’s website, will give it the best potential. This is our aim to achieve the highest possible rankings, through our Link Building Techniques.Link Building

Website Link Building Link Building is viewed as potential votes for your website. The more legitimate links you can build, the more popular your website will become. Blue Fountain Media will look to continually build, your SEO campaign.

Backlinks have to be continually built, using trusted websites such as government websites and non-profit organisations. These types of business websites are beneficial for your business, for long term online Link Building.


Black Hat Link Building

Website Design Links It is not feasible to inundate your website with spam links, and to watch it soar to the top of the rankings. Google and other reputable search engines will penalize you for this. Blue Fountain Media do not adopt Black Hat techniques in our SEO format.  

Black Hat SEO will work for your business website, but only in the short term. It is not as effective as a solid Link Building campaign. That’s why cheap priced Seo companies from poor countries abroad, offer ridiculously low prices, for these campaigns. This is mainly because they do not produce quality links, which is what customers want.

Seo Link BuildingWebsite Links It is estimated that 60% of the web content is made up of spam. Google likes good relevant content which will result in a direct boost for your website. This is why Google regularly changes its algorithm, to beat the cheats. This is changed regularly to weed out bad content, duplicate content and provide relevant links, for the search engine.

White Hat Link Building Blue Fountain Media will ensure that all of the Link Building for your website, are from reputable companies. Companies that are frequently working to enhance their own rankings, will ensure that you are always achieving “Fresh Rank”.

Google will usually crawl your business website and measure each page, this is for ranking purposes. This will then score each individual page of your business website accordingly. This does not happen regularly and probably will only occurBacklinks once or twice in a year.

Link Building Campaign Blue Fountain Media UK will ensure that your business website is kept current, and that external links are built on a regular basis. This is to ensure that your business website achieves, its best possible potential. Through our targeted Link Building campaigns, our aim is to provide your business, with positive results.

Our Link Building services are very good. We’re producing excellent results for our customers, on a regular basis. Trust Blue Fountain Media, we are ready to produce the results to give your business world wide visibility. Good backlinks are part of Organic Seo which we know will, provide extra link juice for your business website.