Organic SEO

Website Design SEO In order for Blue Fountain Media to provide your business with the, best possible results for your website. We will research your competitors and the industry, to organise the best Organic Seo approach for your business website. We will build a profile, provide a list of keywords and content rich text, to enable us to achieve the most effective SEO results.

Blue Fountain Media will construct a profile of your current standing within the search engines, using Google, Yahoo and Bing. This can be used to assist us, in building your unique SEO campaign.

We will analyse your links, internal and external as well as your Meta tags. We will also look at the overall content, to improve your standing in the major search engine rankings.


Organic Seo Services

SEO Services We will be submitting your business website, to search engines on a regular basis. This will assist in obtaining referral links for your business website. Submitting your business website to online directories, will also help your Organic Seo campaign.

We use software tools to monitor your SEO campaign, tracking the progress of your business website regularly. Organic SEO implemented correctly, takes time. It is built up over a period of time and requires regular maintenance. Adhering to this process you will see a significant increase, in traffic to your business website.

SEO Campaign Always compile your text content keeping in mind internet surfers. If you are looking for something in particular, think of how you would search for it. Apply those methods when compiling your content, for your business website. This is another way of making sure that your Organic Seo, is being used in a good way for ranking purposes.


Organic Seo Strategy

Take into account that search engines cannot see your website, they can only read it. Ensure that your text contains descriptive writing, remember that “content is key”, to improving your business website through Organic SEO. Organic Seo

SEO Strategy Blue Fountain Media always use relevant keywords multiple times, throughout your business website. 

Our Seo Strategy is to always put the most important information at the top of the page, for your business website. We believe that this will most definitely help in the Organic Seo process of website Optimization for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Websites are scored on keywords, phrases and content. This is why a good Organic SEO strategy is an important factor in getting a business website to rank high, amongst it’s competitors. It is also very important for all Meta tag descriptions and phrases, to be configured to allow search engines to read your site.

Navigational links are good for Organic Seo. Whilst the major search engines crawl your business  website, it indexes each page connecting links within your  business website. So overall it is not about just having a good business website, it is about promotion and having good links.

SEO Process When a search engine crawls your business website it grabs the content rich text, images and gathers relevant information, based upon specific keywords. Google recognise incoming links to your website and indexes them accordingly, this will definitely improve search results for your Organic Seo strategy.