Remarketing is a tool used to encourage companies that have used your services before or just visited your website but not secured a transaction.

Brand AwarenessWhether you are having a sales drive or just promoting awareness of your brand, Blue Fountain Media UK can help you to reach your target market.

There are many tools available, for example:-

  • Shopping Basket Leavers – This will incorporate a list of potential customers who have added your product / Service to their shopping basket but have failed to complete the transaction.
  • Create a remarketing list whereby it links to your homepage alone or it links to all pages of your website.
  • Create a remarketing campaign based on a specific a product or service.
  • Create a customised list to target previous customers, customers who have previously purchased your product / service, who may be interested in additional promotional offers that you have to offer.
  • Offer a remainder service to return customers.  They can sign up to this upon securing the original transaction, giving them to option for a reminder to renew or update their chosen products.

Remarketing Campaigns

Using Ad Galleries is a resourceful way to remarket your brand.  Google offers a free Ad Gallery Service to help build your ads.  Use colourful templates, images and most importantly your logo to design an Ad Gallery to target each specific list.Remarketing

Creating a banner to advertise your product / service incorporating a onetime offer or time specific promotion is a good way of remarketing.  Blue Fountain Media UK can assist you in this by setting up a site wide remarketing code within your business website.

You can target existing customers with additional benefits that you are able to offer by creating a remarketing code. This will be to run alongside your member log in area as, this is an affordable way to ensure customers return to your  business website.

Blue Fountain Media UK are able to use a huge variety of online tools to assist you in, remarketing your brand to its full potential. Give one of our representatives a call for an informal chat and see what we are able to do for your business.