Responsive Design can easily direct potential customers to your mobile business website, this is a form of marketing. Potential clients using Tablets or Smartphones are more likely to remain on your business website and conduct a transaction if the website is responsive and the page to page transition is trouble-free.

Nowadays Tablets and Smartphones are rapidly expanding as millions of people are now introducing the use of tablets in their everyday business. Whether it is an Ipad, Android Tablet or Smartphone we all have one in our family.

We can adapt your business website to show a professional responsive design on all platforms.  Over 75% of internet traffic is measured through mobile devices.

A responsive design website adapts to the user’s device, depending on whether they are using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. It is imperative that your business website has a responsive design and every page is accessible to view clearly.

 Responsive design websites work on all devices giving faster loading times and adjustable text. We found in our experience that offering a responsive design for our business website owners, that 50% of their customers stayed on their website for a longer period of time, enjoying the benefits of navigating easily through pages.

Responsive design websites increase mobile traffic to your business website. By using this responsive design process, we will prepare your business website for the future of the mobile web.

Crafting your website using Responsive Web Design (RWD), provides optimal viewing and the need for minimum amounts of, resizing and scrolling is reduced.  This makes navigating through your business website an easy process, whichever platform your potential customers are using.

Responsive Design is a huge step ahead in the website design industry, with the constant supply of new technology being introduced into the world daily. There is a very high demand for websites to be created responsively so that they are easily accessible on smaller displays and devices.

No matter how good your business website is, Blue Fountain Media Uk will ensure that your website is equally accessible and appealing on all mobile, smartphone and handheld devices as well as pc’s and laptops.

Responsive Design

Blue Fountain Media Uk will endeavour to design your website incorporating a good professional design. No matter how good your business website is, we will ensure that your business website is equally accessible and appealing on all mobile devices.

This is also helpful because it gives every potential customer the access, to view your products and services online. This is as well as responsive media that will automatically adjust to any screen size, no matter what device you are using.

 Allow Blue Fountain Media Uk to create a responsive design website for your business website, that gives the end-user a better experience when accessing your website.