Seo Budget

Seo Budget is different for different  types of businesses and individuals, it all depends on the budget they have available. Within the World Wide Web your business website is just a small fish in a big pond. Your business will be in constant competition with your competitors, tendering for business against some companies that are significantly larger, than your business with unlimited resources. Seo Budget

Most reputable online businesses with respectable marketing departments  will handle their SEO budget and Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

As a small business it is imperative to use an established SEO company, such as Blue Fountain Media Uk to help promote your business website effectively across the Internet with a reasonable Seo Budget in mind.

Blue Fountain Media Uk will provide your online business with competitive prices, regardless on the size of the campaign. Our goal is to make sure that your business gets a bigger presence on the internet, to compete with and excel above what your nearest rivals. There are so many varieties of campaigns and we set about making them a success in different ways, with different types of businesses. Contact us today to provide us with your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can help at a cost that suits your Seo budget.

Social Media

Social Media has a huge effect on marketing your website. Facebook pages and Twitter pages are an excellent way of reaching out and promoting your service. Social Media will have an affect on your business website’s Seo budget.

Another strong form of social media is a LinkedIn Account, this is another way of building a group within your community.

Networking with other businesses and professionals, take part in group discussions, create topics to generally promote your service, this in turn will help to build links to your site. This is potentially creating business opportunities, best of all, social media is free to set up, a little time consuming, but well worth the time spent.

Video Explainer

Blue Fountain Media uk can help your business produce a Video Explainer as another way, of attracting visitors to your business website. We would suggest creating a YouTube channel & page for your business. Then build a portfolio of video clips promoting your products/services, keep them short and relevant to your business sector. Speak clearly and use specific keywords which will engage with your audience.

If you are not comfortable in promoting your own videos, Blue Fountain Media Uk can assist your business at a very reasonable cost with our clever marketing strategy.  This cost could also form a part of your Seo budget, depending on how much presence you want your business to express online.


Researching blogs that are relevant to your product or services, produce your own content and liaise with the host with a view to posting your blog on their site. Offer your valuable insight and fresh ideas, demonstrate your product or service by offering special offers and discounts. Blogging

If you are promoting their business in conjunction with your own, they will be more favourable to your ideas and input.

Having a company like Blue Fountain Media Uk to promote your blogs will also impact on your Seo Budget.


EBooks are another way of promoting your company, Amazon will allow you to upload your EBook free of charge for a small percentage of the sales. EBooks will generate visitors to your site, whereby they can obtain further information on your product or service.


Mailshots are a useful tool to make people aware of your company’s products and services.  Their objective is to collect leads, generate sales and to provide existing customers with fresh information about your business. There are many things that can be included within your mailshot, to help boost sales and services that your business provide.

Promotional things like leaflets, flyers and brochures are a good way to promote your business and any potential special offers or promotions you have to offer. We would advice that you keep your covering letters personal. You must understand your target audience market and this will ensure, that the end user knows that the information within your mailshot, is beneficial to their business.