Seo Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Marketing is the process where Blue Fountain Media Uk improve your business website Seo. Our aim is to increase traffic to your business website and boost your page rankings within search engines using Keywords, Meta Tags and text with rich content to name but a few.

Seo Marketing

The more optimized your business website is, the more appealing it will become to your potential clients. Your business is constantly competing through the search engines for potential business, so the more optimized your business website is, the more likely you are to achieve a higher page ranking within Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The higher your business website ranks the more views your website will receive. It is a known fact that most people access the first few businesses that appear within search results, therefore it is essential that you maintain your business website with a view to reaching that status. Here at Blue Fountain Media Uk we intend to build the ranking of your business website, generate more traffic through your website, in turn bringing potential new business your way.

The SEO Marketing process is not a one off task, but one that needs constantly updating and maintenance to ensure that your business website remains, at the highest possible ranking position amongst it’s competitors. If regular maintenance is not carried out, you will not achieve the potential business and this over time will reflect on your business website profits.

Blue Fountain Media Uk have our own analysts that aim to construct your SEO Marketing campaign, tailored to your business and more so your budget. We can offer many services including :-

Media Optimization

Creation of Meta Tags

Email Marketing

Optimization of Header Tags

Optimization of Anchor Tags

Resolving Broken Links

Analysis of Web traffic

Maintenance and updating of Keywords

Analysis of Page Rankings

Optimization of Hyper Links

Creation and maintenance of Site Maps

Page loading and redirection analysis

Directory submissions

Blogs and Press releases

Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics

Pay per Click

Many customers may ask, why is Seo Marketing so important for my business website?  You have to have regular maintenance on your business website to ensure that potential clients can find your website through the various search engines. Seo Marketing helps businesses to generate constant traffic to their business website, to keep them in line with their competitors.Seo Marketing Results

Blue Fountain Media UK will tailor a marketing package suitable for your business and in accordance with your Seo budget. There are no hidden costs in what you are quoted,  what you will pay will be agreed in advance. The services required are determined through a short analysis of your current business website and structured accordingly.

We endeavour to agree a timescale with yourselves for completion of the works, as explained though. Seo Marketing is a lengthy process and requires an on going maintenance program. We will not use shortcuts or unethical processes you may have seen referred to as “Black Hat” as these methods have a short term effect on your website rankings. 

We are in the business of improving your business website for the long haul, so although this may take some time to implement, your business will reap the rewards in the long term. Well executed Seo Marketing can have a huge positive effect on your business website and generate plenty of potential business links.

Alexa Page RankingWebsite performance can be measured using a number of different tools. We recommend registering your business website on Alexa,  you can see how your business website is performing for you. It will analyse traffic to your business website, your backlinks,  bounce rate, keywords and regularly checks your website rankings.

Overall Blue Fountain Media Uk can offer your business a Seo Marketing campaign, to suit your business at a cost affordable for your Seo budget. Please contact us to hear from our dedicated  Seo team for further information  on Seo Marketing today, it may be the contact to help your business further.