Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

Seo is an imperative part of all online business websites. All search engines use similar criteria whenSeo assessing where your business website is going to rank. It is basically all down to how well your business website is optimized, the content on your business website and how popular your website ranks amongst its competitors.

Google is the most powerful search engine and exploited to its full potential with Organic Seo, will benefit your business website.

Utilising Google

Keywords and using Google AdSense allows you to track relevant keywords, crawl through your business website and use these to the advantage of your web page, maximising it to its full potential.

Trending – Internet searches change continually, you can use trends to ascertain when to update your website and when to alter your keywords keeping your business website fresh and current.

Google Plus

You will be rewarded as a business by registering your company with Google Maps. Building a Google Plus account will also benefit your business website, as Google is one of the most powerful search engines on the World Wide Web.

Content Writing

Having clear concise quality text, which is free from spelling and grammatical errors, goes a long way to controlling your Search Engine Optimization. Utilising Blue Fountain Media Uk to cover the cosmeticSeo Targets detail in creating your business website, will ensure that your website will attract more visitors and potential clients. Your business website should fully advertise your services, to ensure that the customer knows exactly what to expect from your business.

Original Website Content 

Most search engines will all use their own plagiarism software and will know if your website content is not original, once it has been published. All of your text throughout your business website needs to be, of your own creation.

It is not accepted by Google or alternative search engines to use content sourced from other business websites, in order to construct your own. Content tagged images also helps to boost your business website rankings. It pays to use original images for your business website, as you can be assured that they are fresh and new. It also helps your Seo if those images have never been used, on any alternative websites.

Website Keywords 

Search the Internet and discover the most relevant keywords. Apply these keywords to your business website content, which will do wonders for your Seo. Ensure that the keywords you choose are unique to your business sector. We would suggest using good keywords multiple times throughout your content, keeping in flow with the relevant topic to help your businessKeyword Research website Seo.

If your business website uses too much repetitive text that is not relevant to your business, this will cause your website to be penalised in the rankings. This type of Seo is called Black Hat Seo.

Google Adwords

Google offers an Adwords facility. This permits you to check how popular your chosen keywords are before you incorporate them into your business website. Be confident that the keywords that you have selected, are found through various search engines, as this will help your Seo. Google Adwords can help your business website achieve higher goals in a shorter space to time through their program.


Search engines favour sitemaps. Sitemaps guide people through your business, a website highlighting where relevant sections can be found. You will achieve approximately 1% click-through rate to your business website via your website sitemap. This is also a valuable page if configured correctly to the Seo of your business website.

Creating Web Codes

Domains – Utilising a top-level domain will boost your website rankings. Always avoid using numbers in place of words. Always use descriptive text in all of your subpages. Subpages should have a descriptive heading so prospective customers know what they are going to contain, from just your heading.

Meta Tags – The content of a website is tracked through good descriptive text. Meta tags are made up of two factors, Title Tags and Meta Description Tags. Title Tags are imperative to a business website’s Seo. Search engines allow a particular amount of characters. It is vital to use the most relevant keywords in the title. Each and every page within your business website should have an original title which gives more scope for being found online.

Connections/Backlinks – Backlinks are used by other websites to link back to your business website. Directory registration is a good way of building useful backlinks that will help Google rank your business website better. Blogs, Press Releases and Promotions are also good ways of creating backlinks to individual pages on your business website, as each page has a different ranking score, from the main home page.

Social Media

Social Media is a huge advert for your business, it is vital to building likes and shares through Social Media pages. Your business website should add content and images on a regular basis. This is to keep social interaction with your customers online to provide, relevant current information that helps to build your customer base. 

Post information relating to your business, images of work completed etc, not just general advertising. Even posting details of new ideas can always help your customer, share their interests with their friends and family resulting in good feedback for your business. Getting feedback is a good way to interact with potential and existing customers, especially if it can generate new interest in your products and services. 

Always keep it current for the search engines, as they love original content on your business website, no matter how much you offer. We regularly use professional software tools, to regularly submit your business website to search engines, as this will help us to boost your business website rankings and Seo.

We use these trusted methods as Blue Fountain Media Uk aim to keep our client’s websites high up the rankings. Our goal in Seo is to keep our customer website’s relevant, using the keywords that are regularly searched for and also making sure that the right content is found on the right pages, for good customer experience.

A business website in your niche that achieves more traffic than yours is, always a good business website to build a backlink from. Offering a range of useful tools and information encourages natural backlinks. Your business website can be removed from Bing, Google or Yahoo, should you be found to be using spam content on your business website.

Your business website will be penalised for being associated with spam companies or if your website is anonymous.