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Please read the Blue Fountain Media Limited Terms and Conditions thoroughly as they will form a contract between the Developer also known as Blue Fountain Media Limited and the Client. The terms of this website have been made brief and simple so it’s easy to understand and is as straight forward. If you do not understand any of these terms please do not hesitate to contact us. If you do not agree with our terms of service then please use another Developer.

 What both parties agree in this contract: 

The Client agrees to:

Seo ConsultantsProvide Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) with a reasonable timescale on completing the project agreed – including colour schemes, images, text and any other information.

Website ConsultantsProvide Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) with all High-resolution Jpeg’s or Photograph’s (No less than 100kb), Pdf’s or Png’s. This will also include any audio or videos that they want to display on their website. Images are required in landscape format.

Web DesignersMake every effort to adhere to deadline guidelines provided by Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer). The Client agrees to pay any outstanding payment on the completion of the website no later than 7 days.

Website DevelopmentAllow 30 days prior notice to cancel any on-going contract with the Developer. This should be submitted in writing only by post. 

Transfer your business website to another host if the business relationship breaks down to help both parties.Website Design

Website DeveloperReview design works and provides details of any issues with any services provided by Blue Fountain Media Limited by email.

Website Redesign Our Client will agree that time does not have to be of the essence. Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) will provide a completion time for the proposed project. We will not be responsible for an over-run of the specified timescale, irrespective of the cause.

Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) agrees:

Website DesignerCarry out business services in a timely manner. A website should take no longer than four weeks once all the information and content has been provided by the customer.

Website DesignOur Developer will make a concerted effort to finish services agreed with our customer within a specified deadline unless unforeseen circumstances change these timescales.

Wordpress DesignsEndeavour to complete website revision requests within 12 – 48 hours at reasonable costs. Text and Image updates are only charged at £60 an hour for all completed websites. An estimate of these costs can be supplied if there are wholesale changes. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationThe Developer sometimes provide minimal free website (Seo) optimization. The Developer does not guarantee the website’s rank position in search engines unless SEO is paid for separately.

SEOEvery effort will be made to achieve a very high ranking in accordance with the keywords used and implemented for the specific website. Keywords must be supplied by the customer for their niche.

 Website Content and Copyright

Seo ConsultantsIf our Developer creates website content for a Client, we charge £75 a page as long as the content is over 300 words. If the content is less than 300 words then we will only charge £60. Please note that the content we provide is copyrighted and cannot be used on another Website, Book, Magazine or on Social Media as we are the rights owner of the content. If you use this content without our permission then you are agreeing to pay the cost per page of the stolen information and/or all court fees associated the copyright violation of our terms.

IfSeo Consultants our Developer provides a Website for your Business, you must provide your own content and images, unless you want us to provide royalty-free images and content that we’ll charge you for. Content is charged at £75 per page.


All complaints should be sent by registered post to

Blue Fountain Media Limited

299B Bethnal Green Road

Bethnal Green


E2 6AH


  1. All Website Design quotes provided by our Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) requires a 50% deposit on acceptance of any quote for website design. The remainder of the package requested should be paid in full by the Client before the website is live online, or within 7 days if a different payment agreement has been accepted on the website proposal by the developer.

      2. Unless prior arrangement has been made, the final payment for the completed website must be made when the completed website goes live.

      3. Once the initial 50% has been paid and cleared, Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) will start the development of your business website. Where a client wants a website built on their own hosting account, this work must be paid in full without any deposit before any Website design work commences.

       4. If a Client has not paid an invoice within 30 days of the invoice date for our services, the Client agrees to be bound by an additional fee of £30 per letter for administrative and postal costs to be settled in court.

      5. If an invoice remains unpaid after 5 working days, we can take court action which the client accepts and agrees to pay all our legal costs and expenses. If there is a dispute that arises from the work provided, this must be rectified by Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) within 7 days of the customer’s complaint made via registered post only. 

       6. An invoice would usually be sent by WhatsApp Messenger, Email or Post. This will be at the preference of the customer. If payment hasn’t been received, then we’ll send a “letter before action” by recorded delivery before legal action will commence. If you for any reason you have a dispute, please send your complaint in writing by recorded delivery to us.

       7. If a Website is suspended for Non Payment, this does not mean that the outstanding balance does not become payable. The website will not be deleted but remains live behind the suspended landing page, but it’s still being hosted and maintained until payment is received.

      8. If you would like to transfer your business website away from our hosting services, we can do this for you. We will charge and advanced payment of £149 for this service which includes, liaising with your new hosting provider and/or website developer, making the most recent backup available via Google Drive. This could usually take up to 48 hours as the nameservers will also require updating for the new hosting provider.

Please note that advance payment must be made when transferring services across to another provider or developer.

Bank Details: Blue Fountain Media Limited  Account Number: 51207931 Sort Code: 60-21-10

 Website Cancellations:

By paying a deposit our Client is accepting the terms of and conditions of Blue Fountain Media Limited Website. All cancellations require a minimum cancellation fee of 25% of the overall project cost after 7 days of completed works. The cancellation period is 10 working days from the start of the project.

The customer must notify us in writing by post if for any reason they are unhappy with the Design of their website. We will only seek to claim our costs for our labour and design if there has been NO documented complaints when the website is live. A customer who ignores payment demands but seeks to make excuses when the website is live will be prosecuted for breach of contract at the minimum.

The full outstanding remaining payment of the Website will become due once it is live. It will only become live after all the work has been completed in the initial website proposal of your Business Website.

Terms and Condition Changes:

Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer) has the right to amend, change, revise or update the Terms and Conditions of this website without prior notice. Continued use of this website is an acceptance of all our terms and conditions.

Acceptance Of Work

Website Proposals provided by Blue Fountain Media Uk are valid for 10 Working days.

 When the client wants to place an order for website development, that client will be sent a website proposal. The proposal will outline the price agreed between the developer and the client. The proposal form will outline in short the main terms of service. As acceptance of the contract proposal, all the client is required to do is make the initial agreed deposit.

No contract for the supply of website design services exists between the client and developer until the client accepts the website proposal. If a client agrees with the website proposal and agrees to purchase services from our developer, this forms a binding contract between the Client and Developer.

Any other services provided by Blue Fountain Media Limited (Developer), which have not been included in the Website Proposal, do not form part of the contractual terms. Costs outside the Website Proposal are known as estimates for extra work proposed by the client after the Website proposal has been agreed and therefore may become costly starting at no less than £75.

The Client agrees to check the website proposal and make a personal printed copy in full before making payment. Making any payment amount agreed on the Client’s website proposal is an acceptance of our contract in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.