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Video Explainer

Video Explainer is an online video which is used to explain a company’s products and services. They are usually are short and very engaging, offering potential online customers to know more about your business services.

They will help with conversion rates on your business website, as it explains to your online audience what particular services and products your business offers. For small businesses with a small budget, these video’s are great for Search Engine Optimization.

Blue Fountain Media Uk can help you to boost your sales and revenue, by working with your business, to create a Video Explainer for your business website.  In our opinion, best practice would be to prepare a script that can best promote your business website, and what it has to offer in no more than three minutes.

Our experienced team will work with you, to incorporate animation, royalty-free music and much more into your Video Explainer. Keeping your business pitch simple, educating your audience, and making complex things appear more straightforward, will ensure the success of your Video Marketing Explainer.

Explainer Marketing

Website Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Documented research shows that more than 70% of Internet surfers will watch a video, rather than read website text.  This adds confirmation to the fact that explainer videos are a very effective method for Digital Marketing.

Using Explainer Videos allows Blue Fountain Media Uk, to tell a story about your business website. This is one of the most powerful Digital Marketing tools available today, to really enhance your business website presence.

It is our Digital Marketing opinion that using Explainer Videos on your business website is imperative to ensure that, your business is in the best-ranking position, to rival your business competitors.

Explainer videos will almost definitely have a positive impact on, your potential customers and help to enhance your brand image.

When compiling the information(Script) for your Explainer Video, you need to be as thorough as possible, using as much detail about your business as possible.

This will be promoting the information you provide through the use of animation, voice-overs, music and moving visuals. You have to tell a captivating story, summing up your business website in a short space of time, to ensure you retain the website viewer’s full attention.

Professional Explainer Videos

Google Rankings

Google Rankings

Using explainer videos on your business website will also have a positive impact on your SEO campaign. Many factors are taken into account, such as time spent on your business website is a way Google ranks your website. Also, the creation of relevant content in search results is reflective in the way YouTube streaming.

Explainer videos should be placed at the top of your home page, first impressions are a lasting impression. In our view at Blue Fountain Media Uk, our marketing strategy is, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

People will remember your brand from watching your Video Explainer, rather than reading a short blog.

From our experienced Search Engine Optimization view, a business website that has a Video Explainer has a greater chance of ranking on the first page of search engine results.  It is also reported that website visitors, will remain on a website longer, where there is a video to watch.

Boost Website RankingsBoosting Website Rankings

Having visitors stay longer on your business website, will go towards improving your ranking in the search engines, this all goes towards boosting your Seo campaign. Video explainers are best promoted by using social media.  

A good social media campaign will help to promote your videos, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or an alternative social media platform. Each offers its own advertising package, all of which can be adopted to boost the viewing of your video explainers.

Regular maintenance of your social media, completing daily posts, small blogs and tweets, all enhance your business website visibility. Allow Blue Fountain Media Uk to help you, prepare a script for your business Video Explainer, to best reflect your product or service.

Remember that you have such a short time frame, to sell your business services to potential customers, so let us enhance all the main selling points in your script. When your video explainer succeeds in enhancing your business website visibility, it will prove lucrative for your company, in terms of converting leads into actual sales.

Whiteboard Video CompanyWhiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard Animation Videos offer an alternative form of Digital Marketing to Video Explainers, to promote your professionally designed business website.  

As with Video Explainer, Whiteboard Animation is designed to take your business website viewer on a journey, educating them on your products and services. All marketing videos, whether Video Explainer or Whiteboard Animation, are targeted towards securing sales.

Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard video advertising can also be referred to as video scribing or animated doodling. All are powerful digital marketing tools that Blue Fountain Media Uk can offer, to help enhance your business website’s visibility.

There are many ways, using digital marketing, that we are able to help you best promote your company. Our dedicated staff will work with you, to ensure that they construct the best possible package, to help your business to be successful. Our aim is to help your business website rank high in all the search engines and to stand out above your competitors.