Website Maintenance

Blue Fountain Media Uk will ensure that your website maintenance of your business website, is maintained up to date and free from the most common virus attacks at all times.

At Blue Fountain Meda Uk a member of our team is available day and night to deal with your queries, and any issues that may need resolving. Our staff endeavour to be polite, friendly and punctual when responding to your call. All issues will be resolved in a timely fashion, causing the least amount of disruption to your business.

We will provide one hour of support for any of our purchased packages. Because we use CMS for your website, we will either screen share through Team viewer or Skype to show you how to update your website pages. We can also show you how to add images, should you need to have this knowledge.

Website Maintenance

You will be kept up to date on the progress of your website maintenance case via email, to ensure that you the customer are happy with the progress through all stages of your website maintenance service. We can provide technical support for your website maintenance issue and assist you on helping you site to work, to its full potential for your business.


Website Maintenance Services

Blue Fountain Media Uk are available to add pages, content and images to your site, modifyWebsite Maintenance any existing content and images and check that there are no known viruses or broken links. Our website maintenance package covers a range of services including inserts, Social Media, updates, galleries, rectifying links, email creation, email links, verification and optimization to name but a few.

With all content management systems updates can be as regular as fortnightly, this depends on the plugins used. The developer will determine when and how regularly updates will need to be completed as this will help with viruses and malware issues.

The process is simple. You email Blue Fountain Media Uk your detailed instructions, and we will liaise with you to ensure that we both have a clear understanding, of what is required. We will agree on a timescale for the completion of the website maintenance works to be carried out.

We will keep you abreast of all updates within the website maintenance process and ensure that your designated case worker maintains contact, with you at all times.